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Service Times

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Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

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1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Service of The Word - Family Service
5th Sunday Morning Prayer

Key Safety Protocols - 6th Sept 2021 onwards

Friday, 29 May 2020

June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020




Since our last Newsletter we continue with ‘Lockdown’ in hope and prayer that it will improve the number of people affected and break the cycle of the Corona virus pandemic in Ireland but there is light at the end of the tunnel and all being well, Churches will open their doors again on 20th July with services starting 26th July unless we are advised otherwise. We plan on resuming with our 8.30am Holy Communion service without hymns. At this service we normally had less than fifteen people so we don’t anticipate that social distancing will be a problem, this service is quiet and meditative. As our 11.00am services resume I expect there will be some reluctance for parishioners to congregate. 

We plan on having every third pew in use with two meters dividing non household members. 

If numbers require we can use our porch and vestry which are wired for sound and we also have the option of using our halls where we can broadcast the service live. We will use sheets instead of hymn books and prayer books. So, plans are in place for keeping everyone safe while still being able to come together as a parish community. As guide lines recommend facemasks should be worn while congregating indoors. Please see photos highlighting social distancing in Church. When people are exiting we envisage opening both doors at entrance of church and will encourage people to leave the building quickly and have a chat outside in the open air. Regarding Holy Communion, I will wear a mask for the consecration and distribute in the aisle and I would quite understand if people want to receive spiritually.

Measuring Stick to show distance from Rector

 You can still ‘attend church’ virtually with all services broadcast live on Facebook or can be viewed via our parish website  if you are not on Facebook. Over 25 services are available to be viewed. We are continuing with our bible study on Tuesday evenings on Zoom. Zoom has also come in handy as a way of holding our Deanery (our local surrounding parishes) meetings twice a month. It is good to have the opportunity to meet with colleagues and compare notes and also to discuss our strategies for reopening the church doors to our parishioners as mentioned on 26th July.

 Since the Corona virus pandemic has come upon us we have realised how useful props have become in trying to relay the message at Sunday services, we have been using props since we started putting our services on line but unfortunately discovered, quite by accident, that there is a slight time delay as the services go on line so our props, which we show at the start of the services had been missed by viewers until we discovered about this delay. On Saturday 9th May for our Taize service and again at Sunday service the next day, we used a dolls house that had been donated for the Summer Sale last year but had failed to sell to demonstrate the theme of ‘Many Mansions’. It’s a lovely old dolls house over three floors, fully furnished 2 x 1 x 2 ½ ft high to make it a special addition to a child’s room, any offers?? Please contact the rector on 086 803 0239 if interested.

 The following Sunday 17th May the reading was about the unknown God and idols, we may not worship false gods nowadays in the form of images but in today’s culture  perhaps money, power, celebrity, mobile phones and what car you drive are the modern day idols. I hope this period of staying at home during the pandemic has given people time to reflect on the meaning of life to realise what our real needs are.

 On Wednesday 20th May Zoom proved it value yet again, I was asked by Tosin (nee Kuti) and Malik Sanusi to perform a naming ceremony for their new baby Zaya Oluwatobiloba Oluwaseun Oluwafinidaraire as is the tradition in Nigerian culture, needless to say Tosin was reticent for me to visit their home with current restrictions so I suggested we use their family Zoom which meant that we could be joined by their family in both London and Nigeria. The sound had a bit of an echo so I hope they caught the baby’s names or at least my interpretation of them! I’m sure Tosin’s Mum and Dad, Olu and Abosede Kuti were delighted to be able to join with family for the naming of their granddaughter.

On Sunday 24th May was Ascension Sunday and Lionel used an ‘up arrow light’ as a prop, it was very effective, as I write these notes we are looking forward to Pentecost.



As mentioned in our last Newsletter our Parish struggles from year to year to survive financially and the impact of the current situation is unthinkable so we again to appeal to parishioners to continue with their regular parish giving. You may contribute by cheque (made payable to Tallaght Parish Church) or on online banking. To obtain the parish bank details please contact the parish office on 462 6006. If you decide to give online please be sure to reference your name so that your contribution is traceable. We realise that the consequences for many parishioners of this pandemic have had enormous repercussions for their finances and we realise that tough times are ahead for many but for those who have been relatively unaffected financially you continued support to the parish is vital for the viability of our Church. I thank you on behalf of the Select Vestry for any contribution you can make.


 In closing, I’d like to ask people to continue pray for all those around the world affected by Covid19 and that we can slowly and safely return to life as normal as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and for those who remain unwell.


God Bless, William




Sadly the funeral and burial of Ruth Farrell took place in glorious sunshine in St. Maelruain's Graveyard on Thursday 14th May. We extend our deepest condolences to her children Wendy, Hilary and Roy and to her extended family and friends. Ruth was one of our oldest and faithful parishioners and will be sadly missed. Many will remember that she was our Sunday School superintendent for many years and helped run the Mother’s and Toddlers group. Her funeral took place outside and some parishioners had a chance to say goodbye from a distance in the graveyard.