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Service Times

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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Newsletter March 2019

In the middle of January the parish was approached by the Chaplain of Mount Seskin Community College, Patrick Doyle, seeking a sponsorship donation for a new flag pole for the college to be used as a symbol to celebrate the cultures of the students in the college and as a symbol of respect.  The finances were gathered and a new flag pole was erected and on the morning of Wednesday 30th January there was a ‘Flying the Flag of Culture and Respect Ceremony’ to which I was invited to bless the new flag pole. The Principal of the college spoke about the meaning of the Irish flag which flew for the first week. You will be delighted to hear that the compares rose an Anglican communion ( Church of Ireland) flag and this was the second flag to fly during week two. On each Monday morning, a Student will share on the meaning of each respective flag, it will be raised while playing the National Anthem of that particular Country or an appropriate hymn reflecting that Faith Community. This will cultivate a visual and powerful symbol of education, leading to understanding and respect among the students.

I preached at Christian Unity Week service in St. Mark’s, Springfield on the evening of Friday 18th January. Fortunately our B.B. Company hadn’t restarted after the Christmas break so they were not deprived of their Bible class!
This year for Christian Unity Week the resources were put together by Indonesian Christians, the largest country in SE Asian, compiling of 17,000 islands with 1,340 different ethnic groups, 740 local languages with a population of 260 million. The religious break down of the people is 86% Muslim, 10% Christian and 4% Buddhist and Hindu. The theme this year for Christian Unity Week was speaking out on ethic and religious diversity, economic justice and religious pluralism. Indonesians live by the principles of solidarity and by collaboration, this means sharing in all aspect of life as brother and sister. These principles are being threatened by the neo-liberal approach to economics which had led to Indonesian’s economic growth which in turn has led to corruption both in business and politics, often with devastating effects on the environment and the marginalised in society. They have a saying ‘a mouse dies of hunger in a barn full of rice’, we can turn this saying to ourselves here in Ireland, one of the richest countries in the world when we look at our crisis with homelessness.
Thought provokingly, when you look at the cover of the booklet produced for prayers for Christian Unity there is a photo of the modern city of Jakarta with it’s shiny high rise buildings but in the foreground you can see the juxtaposition of the reality of life  for many in the city with it’s corrugated sheds in the slums.

On Saturday 23rd February, following on from my invitation to preach at the Christian Unity Service in Springfield I was asked to speak at a ‘Quiet Day’ in The Priory Retreat House on Jeremiah 29: 11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’. I used the previous six verses to introduce the verse and the three after to set the tone. I asked the group to form a circle, I had a copy of the reading for each person in the circle and as we read a verse at a time interesting comments were made by those participating, we ended up taking an hour and a half on the exercise rather that the forty five minutes originally planned, with the input from those involved. I was pleased to have been invited to the ‘Quiet Day’ and I think those taking part appreciated my participation.
We will be using the BACI Lenten study series during Lent with the theme for 2019  “Transforming Repentance: Coming Home to God”.
God Bless                                                                                                                                                             William.  
At our Family Service on Sunday 24th February we had the Baptism of Eden and also of his parents Abass and Maimouna. We welcome Eden into Christ’s flock along with his Mum and Dad and pray for them to discover God more deeply. The family are new to the parish and have two other sons who have previously been baptised. The service was followed by tea in the Hall and it was lovely to meet with their family and friends.

During Lent we will be using BACI’s (Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland) Lenten study course at a Holy Communion Service each Wednesday of Lent at 10am. The topics covered are: Temptation – resisted by ‘coming home’; Repentance – turning towards our death, From Roots to Fruits – the barren fig tree; Coming Home – the prodigal son; All my Love – Mary anoints Jesus’ feet.

Sunday 31st  March, an opportunity to show your mum how much you care!

The clock springs forward one hour on Sunday 31st March, put the date in your diary.

This year there will be a parade starting in TU Dublin (ITT) coming out of the pedestrian gate, past our Church, along Main St., passing the Priory and turning left onto the Greenhills Road before re entering the College side gate.

The date for St. Maelruain’s confirmation has be set for Sunday 9th June (Pentecost Sunday), if you or your child is interested in Confirmation please contact the Rector on 086 803 0239.

The date for the Summer Sale has been set for Saturday 11th May, you have plenty of time to clear out your cupboards / garages / shed and donate items for the sale! Any unwanted gifts? We will have all the usual stalls, raffle, teas  and refreshments….volunteers always needed, please do what you can to make our Summer Sale a great success!

We had a very interesting evening on Monday 11th  February when Colin White from the Irish Kidney  Association came to talk to us about  kidney donation and organ donation in general and how important it is to have the conversation about donation and people's wishes so that after a  tragic accident it makes things easier for the family when they know the person's wishes when the  question is asked regarding organ  donation. Families who have consented to donate a loved ones organs after a tragedy say it gives them great comfort as time goes on. It was the only light in a dark tunnel. We now have Organ donor consent cards and these will be in church if anyone would like to take one. 

Colin also gave us a lot of information about the work of the kidney association and how it helps and gives great support to kidney transplant patients and their families. We had a collection at the end of the meeting which came to €185 for the association so thank you everyone for your generosity to such a valuable organisation.  

Unfortunately our speaker on  ‘De-Cluttering’ has let us down at the last minute so it has been decided in consultation with the committee to go to the Civic  Theatre to ‘Charlie’s a Clepto’ at 8.15pm on Monday 11th  March,  our usual MU night. The cost of the show is €16.  We will be meeting for tea at 6pm in the Civic before the show.  The meal will cost €17 for 2 courses and €20 for 3 courses. Please let me know if you're coming as soon as possible as time is very short. Sorry for the change of plan but it is outside our control. Hopefully we'll have a good night anyway. Saoirse are looking for kitchen rolls this month.  Thanks very much. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Valerie

As we go to print we say ‘Good luck’ to the Miller team who are in the semi finals on Thursday 28th February when they play in Lucan. The teams will be drawn on the night. We are busy with our club competitions and we thank our Captain Alan Stewart for organising these matches. Heather

The Church will be decorated for Easter on SATURDAY 20th APRIL 2019. All help welcome, no experience necessary, donations of flowers, decorations and greenery much appreciated.                                                                                          Regina

If anyone has a boy that may be interested  in joining Boy’s Brigade please come on down we would love to have them.  Friday evenings: Anchors 7pm – 8:00pm     Juniors 7pm - 8:30pm  Company 7pm - 9pm.                                 

If you are interested in finding out more about our Company, please contact Captain Fiona Monahan (086)8519163. 

Our next Whist Drive is on Monday 18th  March  at 8.00pm in the Main Hall. All Welcome!

Crafty Chatters will meet on the 5th and 19th March from 2 - 4pm in the Parish Hall.   Come along with whatever craft you are working on, come and see what others are creating or just for the chat, all welcome.  Janet
Advance notice of our next few Coffee Morning dates for your diary, 29th March, 26th April, and 31st May.  Lots of coffee, lots of chat, all welcome!                                   Barbara