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Service Times

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8.30 am
Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

11.00 am:
1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Service of The Word - Family Service
5th Sunday Morning Prayer

Key Safety Protocols - 6th Sept 2021 onwards

Saturday, 6 September 2014

September Newsletter 2014

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome all the parish organisations back after the summer break. We were blessed again this summer with good weather for most of the season and we now look forward with renewed enthusiasm at we begin another session. I am hoping this Indian summer continues as the church boiler is on its last legs, we are very grateful to the Crafty Chatters who have donated €585 towards a new boiler.
God bless,                                                                                                                                                              William.

On the 7th June Francesca Jade, daughter of Jade Black and David Europa was baptised. Andrew Nicholas son of Andrew Ezekwe and Sylwia Dworzecka was baptised on 26th July and the 24th August saw the baptism of Grace Olivia Carberry daughter of Daphne (nee Gould) and Jonathan. Please pray for these children and their families as they begin their Christian lives.

St. Maelruain’s confirmation candidates were confirmed on 8th June in Christ Church Cathedral. Our four candidates were Nonso Agina, Sophie-Ann Chisholm, Eoin Francis and Lauryn McDermott. They were among the forty young people confirmed in the Cathedral that day, for confirmation they were divided into two groups and it was nice for our candidates, who may have been the only person in their class at school being confirmed that day, to have the encouragement of so many other young people.

We will have our Harvest service on Sunday 5th October. We are delighted that the Christchurch Cathedral Choir with be coming to us for the evensong service at 3.30 pm. It will be only the second time they have come out to the parishes for evensong so it will be lovely to welcome them for St. Maelruain’s Harvest. We will also be delighted to welcome back former rector Rev. Robert Kingston, currently chaplain at the Megeogh home, to preach.

On the 16th June a work party got together to cut the hedges of our graveyard in preparation for the Dominican blessing of the graveyard. They have done a fabulous job and thanks go to Billy Gould, Ronnie Scott, Alex Bryan, Nigel Beattie, David Harley, Jim Cloughley, Brian Good, Hazel Walshe, Percy Griffin, Lionel and myself   for all their hard work. They managed to get the work completed in half a day. We took a break for tea which gave us all a chance to enjoy each other’s company and the banter which ensued!

Following the cutting of the hedges, on 2nd July Billy Gould, John Bright, Janet Edgely, Mary Lucas, Lionel and myself cleared away the ivy growing on the West side of the Church and the ivy growing on the boundary wall nearest the church. Thank you to everybody for their work, the grounds are looking lovely.

We look forward to having our opening service at 8pm on Monday 8th September  when Rev Avril Bennet will once again take the service.  This will be followed by the launch of our Programme for  2014-2015 and supper.  We would be really happy to welcome along newcomers?  So please consider joining with us occasionally this year.
Saoirse would like antibacterial hand wash as our September donation.
TEA LADIES: Eileen Dunne & Liz Norris
8pm Tuesday 9th September Festival Service in Christ Church Cathedral at 7.30pm.
We will continue to support SAOIRSE, Valerie and I attended the launch of their strategic plan for 2014-2017 in July.
The Diocesan Mothers Union Council Meeting was held on 1st May in the Magough Home. The new web site for Dublin’s Mothers Union was launched; Please take a look, as you can shop on line, and we can now send in photos taken at branch events for publication.
They also requested that ALL knitting for the maternity hospitals should now be in WHITE only.   If you have coloured wool, this can be used for hats and scarves for Simon Community and Seafarers.
New Crafts: Freddie Bag and Take Home Bag instructions should be in the next Links issue, both are made from material. 
Freddie bags are given to children on chemo using Hickman Catheters, the take home bags are given to Mums whose babies have died for them to take home their babies things.  Crumlin take the Freddie Bags and the Coombe take the Take Home Bags.
Fiddle Blankets for the Elderly:
Council meeting introduced the Fiddle Blanket -  instructions for them will also be in the next Links.  Fiddle blankets it is hoped will be given to Nursing Homes for residents suffering with dementia or Alzheimers to play/fiddle with. 

We are welcoming back a new BB session this year with two new captains Susan Carroll and Evan McAuley. Both Susan and Evan have been long term officers in the Brigade with over two decade between them. We would like to thank former captain John Donohue for his many years of great service and wish him all the best for his retirement. Along with John his lovely wife Regina Donahue who also has retired from her secretary position. Wishing them both all the happiness in their retirement.

The BB session will begin on Friday 19th September at 19.30hrs at the parish hall.
Anchor section will run until 20.45hrs, Junior section will run until 21.00hrs and Company section will run until 21.30pm. We are looking forward to welcoming back all the boys and looking forward to meeting any new boys to all sections.

We are delighted to have all our officers/leaders back this year, Linda McGlynn, Terry Barrett, Rachel McCoy, Mark Parkhill, Amy Deverell, Terry O Rourke and James Aylward.

The table tennis club will re open on Thursday 18th September. We  look forward to seeing all our members back and hope to see a few new faces this year . We play in the Parish Centre on Thursday nights from 8 to 10pm. We play table tennis on an informal basis with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Experience not necessary, everybody is welcome to come along and learn. We have players of all standards in the club  so there are plenty of people on hand to teach the basics. Why not give table tennis a try this year, a fun way to keep fit! Open to anybody over 18.
We look forward to seeing you. For further information ring Regina at 086 1255161.              Regina Donoghue. ( Sec.)

Girls' Brigade starts back in the Parish Hall on Wednesday 10th September for Juniors, Seniors, Brigaders and Associates (girls aged 9 years and up) with registration from 7pm to 8pm. Normal GB will resume for these age groups on Wednesday 17th September from 7.30pm. Registration for Explorers will take place on Saturday 13th September at 10.30am, with normal GB for this age group (under 9's) resuming on Saturday 20th September from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Anyone interested in joining can contact Captain Fiona Monahan on 086-8519163, or just come along to registration.

Our indoor bowls club resumes on Tuesday 16th September at 7.30 pm till 10pm.  Our nights for bowls are Tuesday and Saturday.  We are looking forward to our new season with our captain Ann Kane.  This summer our bbq was a great success.  We would like to thank Ray and Audrey Fletcher for hosting it.  New members welcome, contact Ann Kane 086-1210039.

The September Whist Drive is on Monday 15th at 8.00pm in the small hall. All Welcome!

It feels like the summer is ending too soon.  Our Coffee Morning reunions begin again on Friday morning the 26th September at 10.30am.  We hope everyone has had a lovely summer break and we look forward to seeing all our regulars again and maybe some new faces.  Join us for a cuppa and a chat.  Vivienne, Regina and Barbara.

A defibrillator has been fitted in the Parish Centre. For those who may not know,  a defibrillator is used to treat life threatening cardiac problems and while we all hope we never need it, it is a very important piece of equipment, should somebody suffer cardiac problems while on our premises.
Our defibrillator has the facility to be used with either adults or children.
Over the next few weeks, we will be contacting all the parish organisations, with a view to training one member to use the defibrillator , the idea being that the first trained will train another and so on until we have a panel of trained people  in the parish.
It is important that we respect the machine and teach our children likewise. Please do not interfere with it unless instructed to, or have need for it. Remember, this is a life saving machine and it may be your life it is needed for. It is also dangerous if used incorrectly.
The defibrillator was purchased from funds raised by St. Maelruain's Flower Festival last year.
Regina Donoghue ( Flower Festival Committee)