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Service Times

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Boys' Brigade

The display took place on Saturday April 25th. Our inspecting officer was Douglas Bailey, former Captain of the company. We were delighted to welcome Douglas back along with Muriel for the evening . There was a good turnout of family and friends to see the hard work the boys have been doing over the last year. We were very pleased also to see some parishioners at the display and their help at the end of the night was greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of you for your help with the clearing of the hall and in the kitchen.

All sections entertained us very well throughout the evening. The Anchors and Junior section boys singing was very enjoyable and of course the Anchor boys always provide plenty of entertainment with their skipping and tumbling activities.

Company section along with juniors gave an excellent display on the vaulting horse with some fun vaulting thrown in. To finish up the evening, Junior section performed the drama that won them the Battalion drama competition recently. The boys hope to perform this moving drama at the family service at some stage in the future.

The display would not be the same if we didn’t have Peter O’Callaghan and the 1st Dublin Co. band to play for us. They are a huge help to us during the whole year. Many thanks lads!

This year we were very pleased to have two winners of the Presidents Badge in Company Section, Robert Styles and Alex Graham. This award is the second highest in Boy’s Brigade and is only awarded when all badges have been achieved and certain targets met and leadership is shown as laid out in the programme for the award. The award is well deserved by Robert and Alex who have many years of service in the company and have displayed their exceptional willingness to take part in all activities of Boy’s Brigade. Well done to you both.

Company awards on the night were as follows:

Anchor Boy Cup; Jake Elliot

Whitten Junior Cup ; Adam O’Rourke

Recruits Cup: Lionel Deverell.

Laughlin Trophy: Denzel Ezekwe

Junior Section Bible Shield; Senan Barrett.

Laughlin Millennium Shield: Jordan Aherne

Captains Shield; Robert Styles.

Squad Cup: Alex Graham

Company Section Shield: Ogaga Nwagiriga

Attendance prizes: Alex Graham, Lionel Deverell, Jonathan Lynch, Jake Elliot.

Trophies were also awarded to Junior Section to mark their achievement in winning the Battalion drama award:

At the end of the evening, the officers presented Douglas Bailey with a gift to thank him for his many years of loyal service to the company.

Junior section boys are off to Kilkenny for their week end away in May, while Anchor boys are off to Fort Lucan shortly.

As we close for another session, we would like to thank the leaders, John Donoghue, Terry Barrett, Linda McGlynn, Susan Carroll, Rachel Mc Coy and Evan Mc Auley for their commitment and for all the hard work throughout the year.

This year also we were lucky to have Amy Deverell and Emma O’Rourke assist with Anchors and Juniors as part of their work towards their Presidents Award. The girls were of great assistance and it is hoped they might consider returning in September to continue working with the boys.

We plan to re open on 25th September.

Happy holidays everyone!