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Video for Trinity, 3 Sunday 28th June 2020 Sunday Service

Video for Trinity, 3  Sunday 28th  June 2020 Sunday Service
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Guidelines issued 28th February 2020

Guidelines issued 28th February 2020

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Some of you may have read the recent article in The Sunday Telegraph about the ‘Save our Churches’ campaign in England which is being run by the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.

Britain’s places of worship provide a vital service to their local communities but are under threat as never before. The campaign is calling for the government to increase funding for the conservation of places of worship; for government grants to be introduced to enable places of worship to become focal points of the community; Listed places of worship to maintain a full rebate for VAT on repair work and that the government should make it easier for place so worship to be adapted for community use.

Perhaps, we here in Ireland should consider such a campaign. We know from our experience of maintaining our Church and buildings here is Tallaght what financial pressure it puts on our Parish!