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Service Times

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8.30 am
Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

11.00 am:
1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Service of The Word - Family Service
5th Sunday Morning Prayer

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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Obinna's Window

We recently had a guest preacher from London, the Revd. Canon Benjamin Enwuchola, the Chaplain for the International Community in the Diocese of London. Canon Ben was in Ireland on a six day consultation invitation by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Ireland. Other parties include Dr Tani Omideyi of the Lighthouse Project Liverpool (an independent social gospel project): The redeemed Church of God and The Dublin and Glendalough Diocesan Chaplaincy for the International Community. My wife and I hosted Canon Ben during his stay in Dublin. He preached at our sister Parish (Whitechurch) on Ash Wednesday and preached here in Tallaght Parish on the 1st Sunday in Lent. He had since returned to London and has sent a message that he was very grateful to the Parish and enjoyed the fellowship we shared together.

The relationship between the parish and the Chaplaincy continues to grow stronger. The parish recently nominated five people to represent her at the Diocesan Discovery Parish Link Representatives. These representatives we hope will join in an initial training being organised by the Chalplaincy at the Diocesan level. They will be commissioned by the Archbishop after their training. Their main duty is to help the local church leadership to provide an adequate welcome and balanced integration in our churches.

Photographed L to R: Chicka, Amy, William, Lionel, Canon Ben, Valerie, Obinna