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Service Times

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Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

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5th Sunday Morning Prayer

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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rector's Letter - December 2007

A Word from William
I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land from Monday 5th - 12th November. It was a study tour rather than a pilgrimage. The idea was to learn as much about the Holy Land as possible to encourage others to visit in the future. It was a privilege to visit the sights. I was struck by the sheer scale of Herod’s temple in Jerusalem, it would make the pyramids pale by comparison.

While the sights were terrific maybe it is a mistake to look for God among the stones but in reality he is present among your travelling companions many of who had coped with crosses in their own lives and in people that we all meet in our everyday lives.

On 16th I preached for Rev Stella Durand of St. Peter’s, Kiltegan at their annual healing service. I spoke in general about healing and tried to answer the most frequently asked questions, ‘What is healing?’ ‘Is it more than just physical healing?’ Obviously I don’t have all the answers and there are many questions which have no answers but faith can be a source of great comfort.

On 18th November we had the Girl’s Brigade and Boy’s Brigade enrolment service at our 11.00am service. It was a delight to see the church packed to capacity. We are lucky to have so many dedicated leaders and I thank them for the great job that they do. As it was my first Sunday back after my trip to the Holy Land I explained to the young people where I had been and gave them a talk illustrated by maps and pictures.

The Select Vestry have decided to change the time of our Midnight Christmas Eve service this year from 12.00am to 11.30pm – so please take note. The details of our other festive services are in the ‘News’ section of this newsletter.

May I take this opportunity to wish all the Losset readers a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year!

With all of God’s blessings for the season,