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Service Times

Each Sunday

8.30 am
Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

11.00 am:
1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Service of The Word - Family Service
5th Sunday Morning Prayer

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

St Maelruains Tallaght moves to Blogger

After some prompting, UTV Internet has arranged the server's DNS setting so that the address points to our new Blogger site. I apologise for any inconvenience in the few days when the place wasn't about.

We have still to sort out some minor problems with the display of images. If I understand it correctly, we are presently not allowed to hotlink from the storage space at UTV Internet (our hosts), but I have asked them to look into this as it didn't appear to be a problem before and may be just a glitch which has arisen since the "move".

At worst, we can continue to display images using the Blogger account. So, I hope you'll continue to use the site and enjoy your visits here. And thanks for your continuing patience while we get the last few wrinkles ironed out.

For Help on how all this works, please click here.

-- Willie Walsh, Webmaster.