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Service Times

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8.30 am
Holy Communion in Small Hall of Parish Centre.

11.00 am:
1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Service of The Word - Family Service
5th Sunday Morning Prayer

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Repair Fund Appeal - Summer 2007

It was discovered earlier this year (2007), just after we were almost finished paying for the restoration of the Church tower and repointing of the church, that the church roof needed to be re-slated.

The work was completed by the end of the summer at a cost of approx €110,000.00.

The bangor slates were removed and repairs were made and new insulation was installed to the roof. The slates were then put back and are held in place with new copper nails. The work was carried out by a company called Skyline Steeplejacks.

While the parish has received grants from two government agencies, there is still a substantial shortfall for the parish to pay. Parishoners were generous at our 'gift day' and there have been various fundraising events but the need for fundraising is ongoing . We are having a Christmas Sing Along on Fri 30th November which although is an annual event, we are hoping to raise funds for the Church roof.